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(12 Pack) ENPHASE ENERGY M250-60-2LL-S22 Micro Inverter (MC4 Connector)

(12pk) M250-60-2LL-S22
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    Enphase Energy M250

    This new fourth generation micro-inverter has an outstanding 96.5% CEC efficiency, an increased output power of 250W AC and is compatible with 60 cell solar panels up to 300W. Enphase has insulated and isolated the DC conductors from ground removing the need to install a separate grounding electrode conductor (GEC) to each unit resulting in a simplified, safer and more economical installation. Adding Enphase M250's to your system will truly optimize the amount of power gathered.

    The M250's also include advanced features to detect ground faults which often go undetected with other micro-inverters. These units are extremely lightweight, weighing in at just over 4 pounds and easy to install with the plug-and-play Engage? cables.


    Enphase Energy has been a trusted name in the solar energy industry, having played a major role in pioneering micro-inverter technology. Micro-inverters will greatly improved overall system reliability by eliminating the single failure point in central inverter systems as well as by greatly reducing the impact of partial system shading, debris and panel failure. The company proudly stands behind the M250 with a solid 25-year limited warranty.

    State-of-the-art Monitoring

    System owners can easily monitor their array’s performance data via the wall-mounted Envoy display, or from any smart-phone with an internet connection. Utilizing the Envoy communications gateway (see pricing below), Enphase Energy’s Enlighten? monitoring service uses advanced powerline communications technology to stay in touch with each micro-inverter without additional wiring or wireless equipment.

    Enphase Energy continues to offer its Enlighten monitoring service free for the lifetime of your solar system allowing the customer to get the absolute most out of their system.

    Enphase’s 25-year warranty is only transferable only as long as the Micro-inverter remains installed at the originally installed end user location. Because of this, ML Solar cannot accept any returns on M250 inverters or Enlighten Monitoring Units once they have been registered with Enphase.





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    • The Enphase System - How it Works

    The Enphase System - How it Works

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