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Magnum Energy ME-AGS-S Automatic Generator Start Module

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    This AGS is used to continuously monitor your battery system and/or the surrounding area temperature, and to automatically start the generator when the battery requires charging and/or power is needed to run an air conditioner to cool down the surrounding area. The temperature turn-on feature is useful in many applications. For example; if you have an RV (Recreational Vehicle) coach in a hot environment, the AGS monitors the coach temperature and turns on the generator to power the air conditioner. This allows you to leave pets and precious items in your coach while you enjoy a day away golfi ng, touring, or just sightseeing - all the while knowing your coach will stay cool and comfortable. Even if you don’t have pets, there’s nothing better than returning to a nice cool coach while dry camping in hot weather. Plus, no more worrying about dead batteries. The AGS System includes a controller with on-board adjustments and interfaces with a user-friendly remote control switch. The controller provides the wiring interface for the battery bank and generator start/stop circuits. It has adjustments for setting the generator’s run time, high temperature start, and low battery voltage start; and if needed, the “Clock” and “Quiet Time” adjustments can be set to comply with RV park and rest area nighttime low noise requirements. The remote switch allows testing and activating the AGS system and provides a LED indicator to display AGS system status information. This AGS is compatible with most AC or DC generators with either two-wire or three-wire start controls; such as Onan, Power Tech, Generac, Martin, Kohler, Honda, Westerbeke, Yamaha, and many others.

    The Standalone AGS is equipped with the following features: Compatible with 12, 24, or 48 volt systems Easily adjustable settings for run-time, low voltage, and high temperature start. Quiet time setting available to prevent generator operation during nighttime hours. Compatible with any inverter/charger based system Compatible with most AC or DC generators with either two-wire or threewire start controls TEST switch provides immediate confi rmation of installation wiring Removable 8-port terminal block - for easy wiring and power-down Front panel LED indicators for gen start/stop status and gen fault.

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