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OutBack Radian GS7048E 7.0 kW Inverter/Charger GS 7048 E

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    The Radian Series Inverter/Charger is intended for both grid-interactive and off-grid applications. These inverters are designed to use a battery bank to store energy. They can work in conjunction with photovoltaic (PV) panels to harvest solar energy, as well as wind turbines and other renewable sources. These sources charge the battery, which in turn is used by the inverter.

    The Radian inverter has six modes of operation. Each mode has functions and priorities that are intended for a designated application. Each of the Radian’s two AC inputs can be set to a different operating mode, so that different applications can be supported.

    Generator: This mode is intended for an AC generator. It is designed to accept any AC generator regardless of power or regulation mechanism. The Radian will charge from the generator even when the generator is undersized or substandard.

    Support: This mode is intended for systems that use the utility grid or a generator. However, size, wiring, or other limitations may require temporary assistance to run very large loads. The Radian adds inverter and battery power to the AC source to ensure that the loads receive the power they require.

    Grid Tied: This mode is intended for grid-interactive systems. When renewable energy sources charge the batteries above a selected “target” voltage, the Radian inverter will send the excess energy to any loads. If the loads do not use all the excess energy, then the Radian will return that energy to the utility grid.

    UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): This mode is intended for systems whose main focus is to maintain power to the loads without any interruption during a transfer to, or from, the AC input. The transfer speed in this mode has been reduced so that if the AC input power is disconnected or a scheduled disconnect occurs the transfer speed will be less than 4 milliseconds.

    Backup: This mode is intended for systems that have the utility grid available. This source will flow through the Radian inverter to power the loads unless utility power is lost. If utility grid power is lost, then the Radian inverter will supply energy to the loads from the battery bank until the power is back online.

    Minigrid: This mode is intended for systems that have the utility grid as an input and a sizable amount of renewable energy production. The system will run off the renewable energy production until the battery voltage falls to a specified low level. When this occurs, the Radian inverter will connect to the utility grid, which will power the loads. The Radian inverter will disconnect from the utility grid when the batteries are sufficiently recharged.

    OutBack Radian GS4048A, GS8048A and GS8048 inverters work equally well as a grid-tie or off-grid inverter. There are two separate AC inputs, one for the bi-directional grid connection and one for a backup generator. There is a built-in 50 A transfer switch at 120/240 VAC. The output is 120/240 VAC split phase in each unit for easy tie-in to US standard wiring and grid connections. The Radian features 4 kW or 8 kW of continuous output power and can support large dynamic load variations and surge loads, making it well suited for demanding commercial applications as well as residential use. The GS4048A and GS8048A support a wider range of battery charging parameters and are reccomended when using advanced battery chemistries, such as litium ion. These two inverters also include OutBack's new Grid Zero feature, which enables them to manage input from the utility grid in parallel with the inverter output, and are reccomended for systems that aren't net metered. With two power stages, the GS8048 and GS8048A are able to provide high efficiency and redundancy for critical applications, and the modular design is field serviceable. The Radian series inverters can be parallel stacked with up to 10 inverters for 80 kW total output. The GS8048A and GS4048A can also be stacked for a 12 kW system. In fully off-grid applications, the minimum recommended battery size is 175 Ah for the GS4048A and 350 Ah for the GS8048 for each inverter installed in a power system. Grid-tie with backup systems can work with battery banks as small as 200 when a generator is included in the system.

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