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    If you're looking for micro-inverters that can accommodate larger 250-watt and 300-watt solar panels, look no further. The new Aurora MICRO-0.25-I-US and MICRO-0.3-I-US micro-inverters are perfect for residential and commercial solar power systems. And they're a great option if you want to take advantage of the benefits of micro-inverter technology but don't want to be limited to a smaller panel.

    What are the benefits of using MICRO-0.25-I-US and MICRO-0.3-I-US micro-inverters in your solar power system? In micro-inverter systems, each solar panel is paired with its own micro-inverter allowing each solar panel to perform optimally using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) -- just like Enphase Microinverters. Because each solar panel can operate without adversely affecting the power output of other solar panels, not only will your array harvest more power over the long haul, you will have more design flexibility in challenging roof situations without compromise to power output.

    Why choose micro-inverters over a centralized inverter?
    If you compare a micro-inverter system to a solar power system where all of the solar panels are strung to one or more centralized inverter, the power output of an entire solar panel array can be adversely affected by just one malfunctioning or low performing panel. If a solar panel is shaded, for example, the output of all of the other solar panels is reduced as well.

    Easy monitoring, Easy Installation
    Aurora micro-inverters are easy to install. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is. Its monitoring system will allow you to receive performance data for up to 30 microinverters, which can be collected wirelessly via the Aurora CDD communications.

    ‘Electrolyte-free’ power converter to further increase the life expectancy and long term reliability Outdoor enclosure for unrestricted use under any environmental conditions

    Increased energy harvesting thanks to the MPPT algorithm which works at the level of each solar panel in any light condition

    No DC input current ripple

    The HF isolation allows it to fit any application that requires the grounding of either one of the input terminations

    95.5% of efficiency

    Ease of installation by the implementation of a package inclusive of proprietary wireless communication hub and grid interface

    Reduced susceptibility to fault. In case of a component failure only the energy produced from one PV module will be lost

    Up to 10 micro inverters directly connectable in a string

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